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Summit 2.1

Summit 2.1

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Summit's fifth issue finds us in a spicy mood as we embark on an island-hopping trek with Chef Sheldon Simeon to explore the edges of Filipino cuisine, the latest genre to capture the nostalgic imaginations of hipsters on the islands of Manhattan, O‘ahu and Maui.

While exploring Maui, we wax poetic with U.S. poet laureate W.S. Merwin, whose poetry has found home in the world’s largest conservatory of palm trees. We also pick up paintbrushes with Solomon Enos, and jam on an infinite loop with rockstar Kawehi. We summit Mauna Kea with designer Manaola Yap, and explore the roots of his art across Hawai‘i Island.

In Commons, our tour d’horizon of politics and society, we take a dive with photographer Mike Coots who has devoted his life to saving sharks. And we discuss the post-robot economy with Scott Santens, a journalist who has created his own universal basic income.​